Hello Everyone,
I hope all who came to the retreat had a wonderful time, I know I did and thank all those who put it together!!
February is here and so begins the intensive team training and stick work. Starting Febrary 1st practice is mandatory. We will be at Vasa from 3-5pm and hope to have three locations we can rotate if weather permits as well as if we need more space. The locations are Vasa, Cottonwood baseball park, and inside or on the church parking lot of an LDS building(working on using the inside and will give more details once I know more) 
If you have not talked to me about conflicts with lacrosse at least 1 week prior, your absence will not be excused. Only exceptions are illnesses, significant injuries, and family emergencies. Of course school comes first, but girls that means you need to be getting your studying and homework Done Before other things so that lacrosse can be a priority. 
Please be sure to have your sticks, goggles, and mouth guards for tomorrow. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THESE THINGS YOU WILL NOT PLAY. Also be sure you have your tennis shoes and water bottle. This is all you will need so please try not to bring a large bag- if you need it or want to have it, leave it in your car. 
Hopeful to see our numbers increase tomorrow. Also as a gentle reminder that as the second week of February approaches I will be looking for players to fill the Varsity spots-I am looking at more than just how you play, I need to see what you will bring to the team as a person as well. Hard work, dedication, skills, respect, and a desire to be better everyday are things I am constantly looking at. I also want to remind the girls of our Team Statement that has been signed by many of the players and coaches. I have coppied it to this email and want you to know that I will not take this lightly. You must be committed to this team to be part of this team. We need you!!
 Thanks everyone!
Coach Amy


I WANT to compete. I WANT to win. I WANT to work hard; harder than I did yesterday. I WANT to have fun, be fun, and create fun while doing something I LOVE. I WANT to be a significant part in accomplishing the best season Olympus Girls Lacrosse has ever seen. I WANT to give my all EVERY TIME I meet for practice. I WANT to make this team a TEAM. I WANT to respect and be respected by my teammates, coaches, AND opponents. I WANT to support my teammates and coaches anyway I can. I WANT to look back on this year and know that I gave it my all with no regrets.

I NEED to do these things, because I WANT to be the best I can be. THE BEST my Coaches know I can be, and BE the BEST because I AM THE BEST.