"Dear Parent of a Girls' Lacrosse Player:

US Lacrosse welcomes you and your young players to the sport of lacrosse. Lacrosse has benefited from rapid growth in recent years. More and more people every day are learning to play America's oldest – and fastest growing– sport.  Lacrosse is about having fun and learning a sport. As parents, part of your role is to make sure that your child is enjoying her lacrosse experience. Be positive about your child's participation. Encourage. Support. Volunteer. Remind your child, AND yourself, that winning is not everything. You and your child will participate in many games over the years and the friendships and great experiences will certainly outweigh the win/loss record in your child's memory.

Guiding Principles
for Women's Lacrosse:

• Honor the origins of the game

• Commit to the core values of the game's

• Respect all participants

• Recognize the value of fair play in both
the letter and spirit of the game"

                                                                      -U.S. Lacrosse, Parent Guidebook

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